A very famous film begins with the saying ‘the world is changed’. Yes, the World is really changing (we know that it sounds standard but let’s compromise this time), but not in the direction of the era with a lot of challenges and threats like shown in this movie, it is changing towards the digital era with a full of opportunities. Being in real life does not mean full existence today. In real life, people can see and hear you, but if you are not in the digital world, you remain in a shadow. 

Today, everyone’s brand and reputation form, develop and die away in the digital world, online media and search engines. Digital space is full of opportunities and risks. Some may call risks the threats, but we don’t. You don’t call them that too! Risks are manageable, they are fun if you know your goals; just keep your hands on the steer, or let us keep it for you, or let’s keep it together... What is bad about that?!

INPRESS is by your side today and tomorrow. We are here all the time to protect you from risks, to benefit of them by transforming into opportunities, to build your reputation, to protect or develop your valuable name, and most importantly, to be your partner, even your friend.



INPRESS PR Solutions is a professional consulting company offering the services of online reputation, marking, crisis management, media monitoring, media relations, and digital marketing services. Our services are available for individuals, companies and non-commercial organizations. 

Our team has 10 years of professional experience in branding and PR services.


The mission of our company is to provide complete support to individuals, institutions, and companies, who want to build, strengthen or protect their brands, in planning and implementing their goals.


In our activity, we are guided by the common values, the professional and ethical rules of our customers, their target audience, the society we live in and humanity in general, as well as our company and team. 


managing works at the highest level is the main style of our activity, as a consulting company.


we ensure that our customers' personal information is not communicated to the third parties and is not published anywhere without their consent.


customer satisfaction is the biggest motivation for our team.


we ensure the immediate adaptation of the customers to technological changes by most recent technologies in our activities.


innovative services, as one of the main direction of our activities, always help offer novelties to our customers.