Let’s mention the basics of our services without listing them. Why these services? To put it bluntly, what we are going to do is characterized by two main issues: ‘what is requested’ and ‘what we can do’. On our main page, we informed, though briefly, about what is requested, technically, the needs. Everyone is more or less aware of this. The second issue is what we can do. Our team has 10 years of experience in marking, PR and media, and crisis management. In these directions, we have cooperated with many individuals seeking to build their reputation. In a word, our experience is quite sufficient for that. 

We have found answers to two questions and we now know what is requested and what we can do... Now let’s shift to our services.

Reputation Management

Today, online reputation management is of utmost importance for high-profile individuals and companies. If you manage any business, any information posted about you online will affect the decisions of your potential customers. If you are a public figure, your online reputation will play a serious role in the formation of public opinion and expectations from you.

We will assist you in protecting, strengthening and communicating your long-formed name to the digital space in the clearest and most appropriate ways.

Crisis Management

Risk is an inseparable part of life and business. It is impossible to succeed by avoiding risks. The biggest achievements are attained through benefitting from risks. Our crisis team will help you bring your company to the state of readiness for risks and crisis. You will control the risks and gain benefits from them.

Functional Services

Media Monitoring: following, analyzing and reporting on local and foreign press and social networks 24/7;

Relations with Media and Influencers: building relations with local and foreign media for placement of press-mentions, press-releases, articles, and interviews:

Digital Marketing: optimizing results on search engines via SEO services and optimizing and managing social media accounts.